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We are a house not a shop.

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We are a house with a separate building with over 40 tanks full of stunning African fish for sale, we have some of the best you will ever see.

Wet Pets Solihull

Malawi fish specialist breeder/seller. 

This deal is staying

For sale I have a brilliant offer of 20 juvenile Malawi cichlids all over 3 - 5 cm or more in size. So you can clearly see what breed of fish you are buying. They are feeding on crushed flake food and are very lively and growing fast. The fish are all stunning and from pure bred cichlids no hybrids. There are more than several different breeds with more being bred each day as we have over 40 tanks with more than 60/70 different pure breeds of Malawis, Tanganyikans and Victorian Cichlids, Most of our breeding groups are either wild caught, F1 or fantastic tank bred sources from all over. This is some of what we have at the moment but demand is high and the details could change so the list will be updated accordingly.


Malawi Mbuna Fish


Maylandia estherae OB Zebra Cichlid 3-5 cm
Maylandia greshakei Albino Red Top Ice Blue Cichlid 3-5 cm 

Maylandia greshakei Red Top Ice Blue Cichlid 3-5 cm 

Maylandia lombardoi (Kenyi) 3-5 cm
Maylandia Red zebra. 3-5 cm
Labidochromis caeruleus Yellow lab. 3-5 cm
Melanochromis auratus 3-5 cm
Pseudotropheus cobalt blue 3-5 cm

Chindongo socolofi Powder blue 3-5 cm



The cost for 20 juveniles is only £70.00. If you don't want to buy the 20 and only want a few fish, you can buy 10 for £40 or you can buy 4 juveniles at 4 for £20.00 or the price is £5.50 each per fish. You can choose any fish from the list above to go in the offer. It doesn't have to be 10 or 20 for the same fish. These fish are ideal for a starter tank or to go in a grow on tank and NOT with full grown adult fish. It is a pick of fish and I can advise what fish are best with what.

Hi below is a list of some of the new F1s or harder to find fish

I have available. Get your orders in to avoid disappointment. 

Maylandia lombardoi (Kenyi) F1 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Chindongo socolofi Powder blue F1 3 - 5 cm - £7.00

Chindongo socolofi Albino Snow white 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Iodotropheus Sprengerae Rusty F1 3 - 5 cm - £7.00

Melanochromis auratus F1 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Melanochromis Albino auratus 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Melanochromis interuptus 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Melanochromis Maingano 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Melanochromis Johanni Gome F1 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Chindongo Mpamga F1 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Chindongo demasoni F1 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Pseudotropheus elongatus ornatus Tanzanian 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Chindongo saulosi 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Labidochromis Perlmutt 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Labidochromis hongi Island F1 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Metriaclima Kingsizei Blue 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Pseudotropheus acei yellow tail F1 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Pseudotropheus acei white tail Ngara F1 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Labidochromis joanjohnsonae 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Pseudotropheus crabro 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Maylandia estherae Red OB Zebra 3 - 5 cm £7.00

Maylandia estherae Red Red Zebra 3 - 5 cm £7.00.


Bulk Deals - All £7.00 Fish are £7.00 each or 4 for £26 it doesn't

have to be 4 of one kind of fish. You can mix and match.

Or you can have a great offer of 10 x rare fish that are £7.00

of your choice for just £65.00.


Rarer £8.00 - £10.00 - £12.00 fish.

Cynotilapia Zebroides (afra) Cobue 3 - 5 cm £8.00

Cynotilapia afra Hara gallireya reef F1 3-5 cm £10.00

Cynotilapia Zebroides afra Jalo F1 3 - 5 cm £8.00 sold out.

Labeotropheus trewavasae Chilumba F1 3 - 5 cm £10.00

Metriaclima Zebra Fenzbreli Maison reef 3 - 5 cm £10.00

Pseudotropheus polit Lions Cove F1 3 - 5 cm £10.00

Pseudotropheus Red top Ndumbi 3 - 5 cm £8.00

Labidochromis caeruleus F1 Yellow lab 3 - 5 cm £8.00

Labidochromis caeruleus F1 White lab 3 - 5 cm £8.00

Chindongo elongatus neon spot 3 - 5 cm £8.00

Labeotropheus fuelleborni marmelaid cat 6- 7 cm £12.00

Metriaclima hajomaylandi chizmulu F1 3 - 5 cm £8.00

Chindongo flavus 3 - 5 cm £8.00

Chindongo Coral red saulosi 3 - 5 cm £8.00

Pseudotropheus elongatus usisya mara rock 3 – 5 cm £10.00

Pseudotropheus acei itungi 3 – 5 cm £8.00

Pseudotropheus tropheops red fin 3 – 5 cm £8.00

Chindongo Elongatus Chewere 4 - 5 cm - £10.00

Metriaclima Koningsi - membe deep 4-6 cm £12.00 each

Pseudotropheus williamsi blue lips 4 - 5 £12.00 each

Maylandia aurora 4 - 5 £8.00 each

Maylandia zebra gold kawanga F1 4 - 5 cm £12.00 each

Labidochromis sp. hongi super red F1 4 -5 cm £10.00 each

Chindongo elongatus "Chailosi" 5 - 6 cm £12.00 each

Labidochromis sp. hongi Sweeden 4 -5 cm £10.00 each


Bulk Deals - All £8.00 Fish are £8.00 each or 4 for £30 it doesn't have to be 4 of one kind of fish. You can mix and match from the list above. Or you can have a great offer of 10 x rare fish that are £8.00 of your choice for just £75.00. There is no offer on the £10..00 or £12.00 fish.

Catfish and plecs.

Synodontis njassae catfish 4 cm £11.00 or 2 for £20.00

Bristol nose plecs 2 - 5 £6.00 each or 2 for £10.00


Lake Victorian fish.

Victorian Zebra obliquiden 3 - 6 cm £6.00 each or 4 for £20.00

Victorian Pundamillia Nyererei 4 - 5 cm £6.00 each or 4 for £20.00

You will not get tiny fry that you can hardly see or identify. I only sell nice size juveniles of 3 -5 cm.


If you have any concerns you are welcome to read any of my 440 plus amazing 5 ***** reviews that are on the left hand side of my Facebook page…/ (just click on the link and please like the page) or you can always ask some of the great members on this group that have already had some of our stunning fish to see what quality of pure breeds of fish you will get.


Some of the fish can be too young to sex so it's pot luck what you will get. Don't forget as they grow some will change colour and go from female coloration to male.


You can collect from Solihull, West Midlands B91 3FL. This way you can see all our stunning parents of the fish before you buy. Please don't worry about bringing your own bags they will be supplied by us. 


We do also post fish. The weather has to be over 4 degrees in all areas for postage. I can only post on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursdays and you would receive the fish the following day before 12 noon. Postage cost are from £45.00 per a smaller box. The number of fish can vary per box depending on the fish and size. On average its about 20 in a small box or 30 in a bigger box per box. Please contact us to arrange the amount of fish before buying if you want the bigger box. 















I have now added more days on to posting.
New postage details peeps please read them :) We have worked a better deal out with APC so it's a bit cheaper and the fish will be with you before 12 noon next day delivery :)
Good morning all members. 
We would always advise if you live close to us (Our location is B91 3FL, Solihull West, Midlands) it's best to collect the fish in person. This way you can see the fish before you buy and have a chat, also I don’t always get chance to list all the fish I have in stock so you might get some extra stunners. Please feel free to make an appointment by email, or text or call 07930883018 or 01217114453.
DELIVERY (Mainland UK) 
(Excluding Scottish Lowlands, Highlands and Islands – see below)
Due to loyal members who have been with me for a long time and are unable to travel, I have decided, now that the weather has changed for the better, to finally start posting fish. As the welfare of the fish is of paramount importance, the following will apply:
All postage will be via APC who are approved for the transportation of live fish. Delivery prices for orders up to 15.0kg will be £45.00 per box. This includes the polystyrene box, heat pack and cost of overnight postage. There will be a charge of 40p per kilogram over every 1Kg over 15Kg. Scottish Lowlands and Highlands also attract a further surcharge as below. Unfortunately, we do not deliver to any areas of Scotland or Ireland.
The fish will be packed in a polystyrene box, they will be double bagged and will have a heat pack in the box; also oxygen tablets added if needed. 


Posting will from Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays only. Therefore, all orders for fish will need to be placed and paid for in advance by Monday for Tuesday posting, Wednesday for Thursday posting or Thursday for Friday posting. I can only post on these days. APC couriers do not pick up on any other day. Payments are to be made by 2pm the day before the fish are to be posted. This will allow me to pack and send the fish for the day you need them. Your order will aim to arrive on the day of delivery by 12 noon at the latest. 
Please supply your mobile or email address, you will also receive a text and email to confirm the shipment on the day, giving you reassurance and a polite reminder of deliver.
Payments can be made by PayPal using this email address: or by bank transfer. Anybody wanting to pay by bank transfer you are welcome to private message me for the bank account details. Please email for a full payment cost or your order before you pay. We will need your full name and full address, email address and mobile number in case the driver needs to contact you. Can you please supply all your details when the order is placed.
Please note: You or another adult must be in to receive the delivery and sign for it. You do not want the fish been taken back to the deport in some cases the box can be left on the doorstep at your own risk and this needs to be arranged well in advance. If this happens we will not be held responsible for it. 
Posting is subject to suitable weather conditions. If the weather temperature is considered too cold for posting i.e. if the night time temperature is expected to go below 4 degrees, the delivery will be postponed and you will be informed and another suitable date arranged.
Terms & Conditions
Upon delivery you must check that the item has not been damaged in transit. Report any outer damage to the driver along with taking photo evidence before signing for the delivery and make sure no bags of fish have been pierced and no fish lost. 
Check the condition of the fish in their unopened bags. 
Every effort will be made to ensure the safe transport of the livestock. However:
Dead on Arrivals (DOA’s) – If, in the unlikely event any fish do arrive DOA, the following must be adhered to establish a credit note:
Photos of the deceased fish in the unopened bag need to be provided ASAP.
A further photo needs to be provided of the fish out off the bag within 30 minutes of the fish arriving at your house. 
You are responsible for the fish once they have arrived at your door and have been signed for from our couriers. 
If you encounter any problems please contact us immediately. Remember we are here to help you.
In the unlikely case the delivery is lost. We will need proof of this so we can track the order and resend the order if necessary. We anticipate this to rarely / if at all happen, so be patient and work with us.
Once in receipt of the fish, we recommend that you follow our acclimatisation procedure.
Suggested Acclimatisation Procedure
Add the fish and water to a clean fish container/bucket so that the water is maximum 1/3 full. Keep the container in a warm area.
Introduce an air stone to help oxygenate the water.
Using an airline and an air valve, syphon the tank water through the air line using the air valve to control the water flow. Adjust the tank water to a drip and slowly introduce your tank water to the container. This will help adjust the fish to your current tank conditions.
Once the container is full, remove the airlines and catch the fish using a net and introduce them into your tank. As good fish keeping practice, never introduce anyone’s fish water into your own tank! Dispose of water in your container/bucket.
If you have existing fish, then we suggest before adding your new fish, that you change your aquarium display / rock formation and leave the lights off until the following day.
Please note: 
• African Cichlid fish require higher PH and harder water than South American fish - please research before buying! 
• We do not recommend mixing African Lake fish types (Mbuna /Haps and Peacocks). 
• Before ordering fish, please ensure the water quality of your tank is correct (Zero: Nitrate, Nitrite & Ammonia), especially when setting up new tanks! 
• If adding to an existing tank, please consider the size fish you are purchasing against those already in your tank, as well as aggression levels of certain fish before purchasing.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our fish before you purchase.
Thank you for looking.


I also sell Sera Flora flake fish food. We find this the best food to feed our fish. We do use other foods but this is good to feed. Its also good to buy this food when you buy the fish as its what they are used too.

100gm is £7.00

200gm is £12.00