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We are a house not a shop.

Home breeders  &  s h o p

We are a house with a separate building with over 40 tanks full of stunning African fish for sale, we have some of the best you will ever see.

Wet Pets Solihull

Malawi fish specialist breeder/seller. 



Hi. We have some great news. We will be moving to bigger and better premises soon. We will be open as normal while the move takes place. So you are still welcome to arrange to visit us. We are doing some great deals to close our tanks down ready to relocate to the new store. Please contact me for details. I have some fantastic groups of Mbuna, Peacocks and Haps for sale. There are some nice breeds and ratios. I'm also doing some good deals on all the juvenile fish I have in stock to clear the tanks for the move.

Due to the government guidelines because of the Covid 19 virus. We can now have 1 person at at a time in the fish house. You would need to wear a mask though please and keep to social distancing rules. We are also still doing a click and collect take away service from the front door at the moment if you prefer to get your stunning fish this way. You are welcome to pm direct or even whatshapp me on 07930883018 for an up to date lists and prices of the fish. I can also send you some up to date videos of the stunning fish that are in stock. I have hundreds of fantastic Malawi fish in stock. After you have selected what ones you want. They will be bagged and ready for collection. This arrangement worked really well for everybody that came to us from all over the country for some amazing Malawi fish in the last lockdown. Thank you for your support.

Hi. I would just like to say: I'm working on the website as much as I can and when I can as I'm really busy. In the mean time: If you want to buy any fish that are listed on the site, you are very welcome too. There are a few ways to purchase your fish.

1. You can either call or whatsapp me on 07930883018 or 01217114453 or you are welcome to email us direct on if you want to place an order till the site is fully up and running. Please: just click on any of the links to arrange an order.

2. You can email me direct with a list of fish that you would like and then pay direct through Paypal to this email address

3. Or you can contact us direct to arrange to pay by bank transfer on either of the phone numbers above.


Hi visitors. I just wanted to say a little bit about us. We have kept African Cichlids for over 20 years. We are a fully licensed pet shop/breeder that only specialize in fish from 3 African Lakes: Lake Malawi, Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyikan. These Cichlids are not good with other fish and should be kept in tanks on their own. We are not a shop, however, We have a separate building with over 40 tanks with some amazing fish for sale. We are open to the public and we are family run. From now on we will be importing the fish. We did breed from most of our own fish that were Wilds, F1s or very good tank bred specimens. We did also have one of the largest collections of rarer groups of wild fish in the UK so we could supply our members with some really nice breeds of these spectacular fish. I also sell Nyassa catfish fish plus bristle nose Plecos. Just ask about them. We have bred other fish in the past but found we love these amazing fish more than any others.


There is no obligation to buy and we will not pressure you into buying. We pride ourselves on the quality of our fish and help and advice we have given to many of our visitors. We look forward to doing the same for many years to come.


We do some fantastic deal on the fish so have a look on this website or you are welcome to join my Kim's wet pets Malawi rifts facebook groups.


We mostly aim at the beginners market to buyers with starter tanks as we sell mainly smaller juvenile fish, that are either Fantastic F1 fish or tank bred it's your choice. Now and again we do sell a few larger fish but only if we are selling off some of our own. You will only get the best. We have a large drive to our house, so parking is not a problem. We hope you enjoy your visit.












So If you want the best! Its simple! come and buy the best!. The Mbuna fish in the photos below are just a few of my own fish.

My Shop

Grab a bargain. 2kg tub of Sara Flora flake fish food only £45.00 a tub. Its collection only from Solihull B913FL. Please message the details above to arrange collection

This is Beef he is a Maison reef mbuna he is now 10 years old.

This is my fish house. I have about 40 tanks full of stunning Malawi, Tanganyikan and victorian fish for sale. 

Here are two of our show tanks. The coffee table is 7ft x 3ft x 2ft. Its full of lake Tanganyikan cichlids.

This video shows just a few of the baby fish we breed.

Here are just a few of the amazing mbuna malawi I sell. I do some great deals have a look on the page for mbuna offers. Just click on the button above.

Here are just a few of the amazing Haps and

peacocks Malawi I sell. I do some great deals have a look on the page for the haps offers. Just click on the button above.